Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Kindness of Bloggers - Redux (Too Many Verlanders and Jaybarkers Junk)

I am constantly amazed at the generousity and kindred spirits that exist in the trading card blogosphere (both in terms of what I read and what I have personally experienced on numerous occasions).  This is the type of trading (without any reference to "book value" or any concern from either party about getting something immediate in return) that makes the hobby (and particularly the hobby blogging community) so much fun. 

Dennis at Too Many Verlanders and Too Many Manninghams is a perfect example. 

A few months ago Dennis was giving away lots of cards broken up by teams - free for the asking and with no particular expectation of getting something in return.  All he asked was that you consider sending him some Detroit players in return. 

I requested the Eagles and Sixers and shortly thereafter I received stacks of both.  When I say stacks - I mean stacks  - literally hundreds of cards in all.  These were nice, premium cards of star players and players from my teams who I collect.  The package included McNabb, Westbrook, McCoy, Desean Jackson and T.O.  Needless to say, I was thrilled. 

Gratelful for Dennis's generousity, I soon sent him some Lions and Tigers I thought he might enjoy.  Shortly thereafter, when he commented on my post and expressed interest in Charles Woodson card I received through Panini's Black Friday promotion, I gladly sent that his way as well. 

Fastforward to today, when what should arrive but yet another package from Dennis with a note thanking me for the cards I sent him, and providing several stacks of Phillies and Eagles cards with a simple statement saying that he hoped this might spur some additonal future trading.  Rest assured - this cycle will continue once I have amassed an appropriate package of Detroit and Michigan related materials to send back.

A few highlights from the incredibly generous and unsolicited package are pictured below - thanks Dennis!   

This was definitely the highlight - Jeremy Maclin 2009 Triple Threads triple jersey card numbered 6 out of 20.  The scan does not do this card justice and it is sweet in hand.

I also really enjoyed the ticket stud relic card (numbered 64/110).  It is a cool concept and this is the only one I have in my collection.  I am a big Jimmy Rollins fan, so also really appreciated the card.

 Speaking of Rollins - how cool is this photo in front of the Warehouse wall in Baltimore - a really great shot.

A great action shot of Rollins in double play mode.

Dennis also sent a few Phillies from my youth - the great teams of the late 70's and early 80's.  Below are two members of the World series teams of 1980 and 1983.

My favorite Phillies player of all time - Michael Jack Schmidt.
and Manny Trillo - unheralded but key to the great Phillies teams.

The 1993 World Series team was also duly represented in the form of one of my favorite Phillies pitchers (after Lefty of course) -

As were the "dark ages" of Phillies phandom (1994-2005)....

Another blogger, who has sent me unsolicited Phillies is Jaybarkerfan at Jaybarkerfan's Junk.  In fact, he regularly sends random plain white envelopes to various bloggers with cards from their favorite teams.  I received one just before Christmas and another earlier this week.   I will send something back to you soon Jaybarkerfan - thanks!!

Jaybarkerfan's Junk also regularly hosts group drafts which are a lot of fun and a good way to acquire cards that you never would have otherwise.  Although I did not participate in his most recent draft, I have participated in several in the past and they are always fun. 

Below are scans of a few cards Jaybarkerfan included in his most recent delivery -

Thanks to both Jaybarkerfan and Too Many Verlanders for making this hobby what it is supposed to be - fun.