Sunday, July 14, 2013

Part 2 of the Chantilly Show Report (Baseball, Basketball and Football)

Continuing from my prior report of the Chantilly Show [Chantilly Show - Part 1], I was attending in part to pick up a few 78/79 Basketball cards (specifically George McGinnis and Darryl Dawkins) -

 After snagging these, I continued to flip through the 78/79 binder.  In my view, 70's basketball is a tremendous value (common/semi star cards can be easily had for 35 cents, and stars in most cases for a buck or two).

I decided to pick up a few Sixers (before they were Sixers) -

While the sharpness of the photography and the printing technology are not what they are today, the action depicted in these cards is incredible.  Moses Malone versus Wes Unseld while Elvin Hayes looks on - seriously!!??

 Seeing Unseld on the Moses card, I had to have Wes's card as well (and it is a classic).  I thought I would throw the Ice Man as well (since it was dirt cheap).

I finally pried myself away from this dealer's table and stumbled into another dealers dollar box, where there was an assortment of 70's football, baseball and basketball.   

First I scored a 1978 Topps card of the Polish Rifle and a 79 card of his favorite target.  

Next, I found a cool Stop and Go 3D card of Carmichael that I had never seen before - 

 Then I found some additional Luzinski cards  -

And some 76 league leader cards - 

Finally - I found what was my favorite purchase from the show - 

A card that features both Artis Glimore and Marvin "Bad News" Barnes on the same card.  It's hard to believe that they trailed Swen Nater (WHOOOOOO???) in rebounds - really...Swen Nater???  Ahhhh the ABA!!

Chantilly Show - Part 1 (Baseball)

I attended the Chantilly VA cardshow this past weekend.  For those not familiar with the show, it is generally held every October, April and July in suburban Washington, DC and features approximately 250 dealers and an "A" list of autograph guests.

After a disappointing turnout last October (probably due in part to the National being in Baltimore last August) the show in April was very heavily attended.  Like the April show, attendance on Saturday appeared robust.

I planned to pick up some supplies and to visit a dealer who always has binders of vintage cards from all 4 sports in decent condition for a reasonable price.  My goal for the show was to pick up a Luzinski rookie and a Ted Simmons rookie from the 71 Topps set.

Mission accomplished!

While browsing the 71 Topps binder, I decided to fill a few more Phillies needs - one guy almost always associated with the Phillies, and three guys typically not.

While still at this dealers table, I heard Steve Carlton's name announced at the autograph pavilion, so I pulled up a chair and started flipping through the 1974 binder.

I found a nice Carlton and a Dave Cash, and while I was flipping through, I found a nice Dave Parker rookie card - 

I picked up some basketball as well (which I will detail in a separate post), and as I was leaving, I looked down at a discount box in front of me and sitting on top (seemingly looking up at me) was a Mike Schmidt disc, which the dealer through in for free (seeing as Mike was looking up at me!). 

The show was a lot of fun...I'll post the remainder of my report later....

My Cardboard Mistress - Thanks for the Trade

I recently saw a post by Spankee at My Cardboard Mistress that contained a 2006 Fleer Ulta Jimmy Rollins that caught my eye.  I inquired if it was available and offered a handful of 2012 Topps Football that Spankee had on his want list.

It turns out that the card was already spoken for, but Spankee offered to send some of my 2012 A&G needs in exchange.  Well, he really outdid himself knocked seventy-five (75) cards off my list (including 25 minis).  Thanks for the lopsided trade - I will keep my eyes out for something you collect and return the favor.

We've all seen 2012 A&G ad nauseum,  so I will limit the scans to the two cards no one ever seems to get tired of featuring....

The Mataya is actually a replacement for my set - she was kind enough to return a TTM in record time...

As I have posted before, trades like this remind me of one of the coolest aspects of the "modern" hobby community - bloggers helping bloggers out with set needs and collecting focuses without reference to "book value" or similar nonsense.