Sunday, December 9, 2012

Panini Black Friday Packs - Encore

This is the last in a series of three posts regarding the Panini Black Friday promotion.  As I mentioned in the earlier posts, I am a big fan of the Panini promotional series.  This last series is perhaps my favorite - the black foilboard faux painted cards.  I enjoy these because they span all 4 sports and they have a distinctive look to them.

Because they are black foilboard they don't scan well, but they really look great in person.

 The photo choices are spot on - they really capture the intensity of the game.

Finally, some of the packs contain relic cards and autos as well.  I did not pull any autos, but I did receive a few jersey cards.

I think I pull Isaiah Pead in just about every product I open.  Maybe some day he will be the next Barry Sanders, but for now, I would be happy if just got a carry or two.

This years promo packs have, however, given up quite a few RGIII's - included this massive "event worn item" from the Rookie Premiere event!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Panini Black Friday Packs - Part 2

Continuing from post 1, below is another base series from the Panini Black Friday Packs.

These are from the Kings series (Diamond Kings, Ice Kings, and Gridiron Kings).  the scans don't do these justice - they are foil board and very shiny.  I'm not a fan of the no logo look on baseball, but the cards look great.

More Gridiron Kings.  Love the Richardson.

Some old school Kings...

Another card where the scan is not great.  Gold foilboard of RGIII and a great looking card. 

Kobe cracked ice - these look really good - not numbered but reportedly limited to 25.  

That's all for now.  I will have one more post to follow.  

Panini Black Friday Packs - Part 1

I am a huge fan of the Panini promotional packs.  My first experience was the Father's day promotion, my second was at the National this summer and I decided to grab some this Black Friday as well.  These packs always have some interesting "base sets" and are always loaded.  Below is a sampling.

The Thanksgiving series features football players who played on turkey day.  These are cool looking cards.

Rookies of Luck and RGIII - cards are numbered to 599 and look great.

More rookies...

These are proofs - similar to printing plates but not made of metal.  They are blank backs and I have been told there are 5 for each color - these are clearly the yellow variety.  The Namath looks pretty cool.

Another proof card (Doug Martin - yellow).  The Woodson is numbered out of 5.

I will post more later.