Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Man's Trash...Is Another Man's Treasure

I recently attended a card show in Chantilly, Virginia (just outside of DC).  Collector's Showcase of America hosts a pretty big show every 4 months or so, and there are usually some pretty big name autograph guests and a pretty large number of dealers. 

October's show was disappointing from a collector traffic standpoint (there was nobody there) but for a browser and a bargain box digger, it was just fine. 

I spent a good amount of time digging through one dealer's box of jersey cards - marked $3/card.  As I was merrily flipping through the boxes the dealer was showing off some of his higher-end modern jersey/auto cards to another dealer and negotiating over prices.  Most of the prices they were discussing were in the hundreds of dollars (which, quite frankly, I just don't understand when it comes to a modern card with a sticker autograph).

In any event, when I finished digging and presented my haul to the dealer, he asked to see the cards so he could see "what was moving out the junk box".  I responded with the title to this post "one man's trash is another man's treasure..." which caused him to stammer and apologize...but I assured him I was only joking.

Anyway, these were the $3 "treasures" I scored....

First - two phan phavorite Phillies (I don't see a lot of Lefty relics and for $3 I thought this was pretty cool)

And a couple of Rollins (I really like the way the Gypsy Queen relics look - particularly the framed minis)

An some Iggles.... (great action shot of Jackson, and the multi material Kolb looks pretty cool).

More iggles....I like the jumbo swatches.

...and more Iggles (the cards with football pieces are an interested change to the typical memorabilia card)

While I was digging, I couldn't resist picking up a few NFL stars that either are (or once were) on my fantasy football team - the Harrison did not scan well (it is foil board and numbered out of 99).

I had Curtis on my team back when he was with the Pats....

....and Jamaal the year he broke out....

Hope you enjoy the "garbage".


  1. Nice pick ups! The guy should have just kept his mouth shut and took your money.

  2. I was at the show on Sunday. The place was a ghost town! I didn't have much trouble looking at anything but most of the dealers started packing up their wares at about 1 o'clock so I felt like I was rushed to see everything. You did a good job picking up some bargain cards!

  3. I'm a Chantilly regular, but blew my budget on the National and buying a collection right after that, so I skipped this one. Good to know that most of it might be there next time, esp. the bargains like you got.