Sunday, December 9, 2012

Panini Black Friday Packs - Encore

This is the last in a series of three posts regarding the Panini Black Friday promotion.  As I mentioned in the earlier posts, I am a big fan of the Panini promotional series.  This last series is perhaps my favorite - the black foilboard faux painted cards.  I enjoy these because they span all 4 sports and they have a distinctive look to them.

Because they are black foilboard they don't scan well, but they really look great in person.

 The photo choices are spot on - they really capture the intensity of the game.

Finally, some of the packs contain relic cards and autos as well.  I did not pull any autos, but I did receive a few jersey cards.

I think I pull Isaiah Pead in just about every product I open.  Maybe some day he will be the next Barry Sanders, but for now, I would be happy if just got a carry or two.

This years promo packs have, however, given up quite a few RGIII's - included this massive "event worn item" from the Rookie Premiere event!

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