Saturday, January 5, 2013

Target Super Value Box

I was at Target today and saw one of those value packs (10 packs for 11 bucks).  The two packs showing were an A&G pack and a Topps Chrome so I figured what the heck.

This is what the box contained:

Two packs of 2011 Topps Chrome and one pack of 2011 flagship plus 1 pack of 2009 upper deck. 

1 pack of 2012 Topps Opening Day, 1 pack of UD first edition and 1 pack of UD first edition update. 

2 packs of 1989 Donruss and 1 rack pack of 2011 A&G.  

The UD first edition cards are pretty nice (full bleed photography and one StarQuest insert card per pack).  My starquest cards were Griffey Jr. and Berkman.

The 1989 Donruss were (as you would expect) none too exciting; however, these packs always manage to yield a few cards that will make me smile:  

You can't go wrong with the Hawk, the Thrill and a young Craig Biggio (when he was a catcher!). 

Two cool inserts from the 2011 Flagship and nothing of note from 2012 opening day.

I've always been a fan of the diamond parallels and the caramel reprints are pretty cool too.  

The UD pack was pretty good - 

2 of the 4 base cards were Pujols and Johnson (as a Giant....)

And the inserts included this nifty Die Cut of Alex Rios and this shiny Joe Mauer

Speaking of shiny....

The Topps Chrome packs contained rookie cards of Conger and Hosmer and inserts of Kemp and Tulo.

Finally I got this Halladay insert and this A&G back from the Ginter back (plus a couple of cards I needed for my set).

All things considered...not a bad haul for 11 bucks. 

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